Addiction Treatment Programs in Camden, NJ

Substance addiction is a chronic disease, but it can be managed just like many other chronic health condition. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs in Camden provide addicts with the tools they need to manage their condition for the long term. Addiction treatment programs in Camden offer multiple therapies that help addicts on their road to sobriety.

Today's rehab treatment programs are incredibly varied so individuals are able to choose a program that is ideal for them whether it's within the inpatient setting or on outpatient basis. If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications, addiction treatment programs in Camden can help.

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapy picks up where medical detox leaves off. Detox only addresses the physical component of addiction; it does not tackle the powerful mental and behavioral dependencies that addicts develop. Treatment programs for addiction are designed to address these dependencies so the recovering individuals can successfully manage their addiction and prevent relapse.

Addiction treatment programs in Camden are varied and include different models of therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a traditional type of treatment for addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps individuals learn how to identify and improve problematic behaviors through skills that can be learned and practiced. These skills can help people in recovery prevent relapse.

One of the key factors in cognitive behavioral therapy is getting individuals to note that problems and temptations will undoubtedly occur, but with self-control and newly learned coping strategies, individuals can work through problematic situations and avoid turning to drugs or alcohol. During cognitive behavioral therapy, individuals learn how to self-monitor, how to recognize cravings early and what to do about them, and how to avoid high-risk settings and situations that have the potential to compromise their recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs may also include motivational interviewing, an addiction treatment model that offers motivational processes that help people in recovery make positive changes in their lives. Rather than imposing change upon the person, the therapist will try to motivate change by helping the individual avoid ambivalent thinking patterns and encouraging them to tap into their value and belief systems for further inspiration to make positive changes in their behaviors. Treatment programs in Camden recognize that all sufferers are different. Some addicts respond better to certain addiction treatments than others. Fortunately, there are many types of addiction treatment programs that people have access to in Camden.

Types of Treatment Programs for Addiction

While individual and group counseling typically form the basis for traditional drug and alcohol treatment programs, there are other therapies that have proven effective. Family therapy addresses substance abuse problems that disturb the family dynamic, but it also provides help for family members who may be suffering with co-dependency or may simply not understand what type of support their loved one needs. Family therapy treats the family unit and provides everyone involved the ability to cope with the disease of addiction.

Art therapy is a popular alternative addiction treatment that offers recovering individuals the chance to express their emotions via a medium other than words. Art therapists use art to elicit responses from clients who may find it difficult to express themselves by speaking. Participating in non-verbal tasks can be extremely cathartic for people coping with addiction. Art is also something they can continue to do even after completing their addiction treatment programs in Camden as a means to cope with stress or other triggers that previously led them to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Another therapy that many addicts choose to continue even after treatment is restorative yoga. By practicing yoga, participants learn to focus on mindfulness. This practice enhances their ability to control themselves when faced with temptation or former triggers. Restorative yoga also enhances calmness and tranquility.

Instead of merely escaping to this calm place when life gets chaotic, recovering individuals learn to make decisions when they are in a calm state rather than when they are in emotional upheaval. The physical side of yoga also supports improved health, which many recovering individuals require after suffering from the effects that drugs or alcohol had on their bodies.

Addiction treatment programs in Camden offer addicts the tools they need to successfully end their cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. By investigating addiction treatment programs and speaking with addiction specialists, you can choose to participate in therapies that resonate with you and that suit your particular needs. Your road to long-term recovery begins as soon as you walk through the door of our addiction treatment center.

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