Drug Addiction Intervention in Camden, NJ

Like many terrible diseases, substance addiction doesn't only affect the addict; it affects their family too. Watching a loved one struggle with substance abuse and addiction and seeing it wreak havoc on their health and other important aspects of their lives is fraught with frustration and downright heartache. Yet, there are some steps that loved ones can take to encourage an addiction sufferer to get into treatment. Drug intervention in Camden is a solution for area families who want to get their loved one the professional help they so desperately need.

What Is Drug Addiction Intervention?

An intervention is essentially a form of confrontation used to encourage someone, usually a family member or close friend, to enter rehab for treatment of their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The process to deliberately help an addiction sufferer get into treatment takes many forms, and some models of drug addiction intervention are less confrontational than others. During a typical intervention, family and friends, under the guidance of a trained interventionist from a Drug Intervention Treatment Center, will confront the addiction sufferer with the goal of persuading them to immediately seek treatment. An intervention may be handled formally or more informally without a professional present, but the goal is always the same.

Drug intervention in Camden may include other intervention models, however. Increasingly, workplace interventions involving a co-worker are used to convince someone to seek help for their alcohol or drug abuse problem. Other models rely on procedures that are less confrontational than traditional forms of intervention that could cause the individual to feel "ambushed" by family or friends. In the systemic family model of intervention, for example, the trained interventionist communicates with the sufferer beforehand and actually invites them to attend family gatherings to become informed about addiction and addiction treatment. Drug intervention for addiction can occur at any time. Experts have begun to assert that it is no longer wise to wait until a sufferer hits "rock bottom" to intervene.

Who Should Be Involved in an Intervention?

Before staging an intervention, it's important to get informed about the different processes that could fuel your meeting. A drug intervention center can put you in touch with an addiction specialist or interventionist who can discuss the various forms of intervention that may be appropriate for a sufferer in question. Your interventionist can help you decide who should be involved in the intervention. Typically, close family members are invited to an intervention, but close friends and even colleagues could be included. Just remember that the goal of an intervention is to persuade a person to enter treatment. The people included in your meeting should attempt to follow the interventionist's advice for discussing issues with their loved one in a non-threatening way.

Under the guidance of a professional interventionist, drug intervention in Camden can be tailored to the individual in question. Families can meet with their interventionist before the actual meeting in order to decide what form the intervention should take, learn how to prepare for the intervention, and how to anticipate the resistance their loved one may demonstrate. An interventionist can help families with their plan to pave the way for their loved one to enter treatment.

How to Stage Your Intervention

Drug intervention programs provide detailed assistance for confronting a loved one suffering with substance addiction. To stage your drug addiction intervention, it's important to get in touch with an addiction treatment center so that you can quite literally encourage your loved one to seek treatment immediately following the family meeting. Lining up treatment and performing other actions to help your loved one (i.e. caring for their pet, getting in touch with their employer, maintaining their property) can go a long way toward getting them to drop everything and enter rehab.

With drug intervention in Camden, your trained interventionist can help you decide where to stage your intervention and what form the intervention should take. Typically, each member of an intervention group will have the opportunity to read a letter or simply make their case why they believe their loved one should seek addiction treatment. Your drug intervention center may encourage you to discuss your loved one's deteriorating health, their relationship problems, or even their employment or legal problems as a way to convince them to get help managing the disease of addiction.

Moreover, with drug intervention in Camden, there is often an informational component too. Addiction sufferers need to become aware that their disease will not get better of its own accord and that the only way to safeguard their health and well-being is through certified treatment our drug addiction treatment center in Camden.

If your loved one is suffering with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact our drug intervention center to get the professional advice that you need to make a difference in your loved one's life.

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